25 05 2008

Well, hello. We’re reviving this site. Well, we’re already entering senior year ^points up to header image^ and we’re about to leave the coolest nerdcamp ever (Koko Roque, 2008). That’s just sad. But hey, we’re not yet in college. We still have a year left. :)).

So with the revival of this site is the creation of the fourth year sectioning page. Just like last year’s. Reportedly, the sectioning will be announced tomorrow during the orientation. If the list is posted conspicuously, we have our sponsors (Hewlett-Packard, Nokia and Smart Buddy… LOL) to thank for so that we can put it in the blog as soon as possible.

More on the revival, please comment in this post so as to update, add, or remove the links from the blogroll at the right side of this page. Of course we want this to be updated, right?

That’s all for now. Site traffic is expected to boom tomorrow and in the coming days. Till we meet again. :))


Rules and Guidelines on Prom Attire

9 01 2008

Taken from the Pisay Code of Conduct. I never read mine and I suppose the same would be for most of you *bwahahah* and so here it is so you guys don’t need to do it.

“Prom” is a shortened form of the word “promenade” which refers to a formal dinner-dance. Being a formal event, all students are expected to be in formal wear.

For girls:

– Do not wear a dress with a plunging neckline. The neckline of your dress should not show your cleavage.

– Dresses with plunging backs should not plunge below the waistline.

– Dresses with see through fabrics should be lined or worn with a camisole.

– The slits of the skirt should not be more than 3 inches above the knee.

– Exposure of the torso area should not be more than 2 inches above or below the belly button

– Shorts and short skirts (more than 3 inches above the knee) are not allowed.

– Rubber slippers and wooden clogs (bakya) are prohibited

For guys:

– Wear a decent long-sleeved polo.

– T-shirts, whether collared or not, are improper attire
– Shoulders and upper arms should not be exposed

– Coat and a tie or barong may be recommended as formal attires.

– Footwear should be closed leather shoes. Sandals and rubbershoes are not allowed.

– B0ys are strictly prohibited from wearing earrings.

– Wear long pants; denims and hip-hop pants are not allowed. Underwear should not peek over the pants’ waistline.

– Wearing of caps and any headgear are not allowed.

Announcements of extreme plot significance

11 07 2007

Prom is coming soon (like, next year) so everyone get ready for it na XD (As of now, wala pa yatang official theme, right?)

Everyone is invited to send in their faaaavorite songs as part of the songlist for the prooom. (Well,I need it…) It’ll be reviewed by the Lights&Sounds committee and stuff. XD If you want, just reply to this pooooooost. (All inputs are appreciated XD)

Please don’t put in songs that really aren’t appropriate for the occassion. XD it’s pwom.

Interested parties who are willing to donate stuff (like lighting and sound systems and stuff) are invited to do so, please contact any member of the Batch Council or… anyone. XD

Since you’re already here, i’d just like to remind and ask if people still want a batch party XD detail, comments, suggestions, please reply here!

Between now and the fair, there’s 106 days! Wala lang, happy reminder. Some time around october 25 to 27. XD

August is coming soon! So is September, and October, November, December, January, February and March! Please don’t forget to decorate our bulletin board during your assigned months! XD

Coming soon! Updates on Family Day, Batch T-Shirt design winners, Field trip and/or retreat location! Yeheyz! XD

Kindly support your batch in all our endeavors XD

My gift to ’09: Something for the ages!

30 05 2007

My dear ’09 students,

I have a little something for all of you, but first some words.

I haven’t really taken my time to thank you for a wonderful year last year. You guys were just great! I admit, it got a little tough and rough for me but we were able to pull through. I wasn’t feeling too well physically mid-year because of the stress, but I loved teaching all my six sections so much that letting go of any was not an option for me (but I guess some of you would have loved that!). Thankfully, I got to pull it together for the 4th quarter.

That quarter was just the best for me, as I hope it was for you. That Middle East simulation was just awesome, (PJ, sorry if I ruined your plans…) and I’ll remember that week as your shining moment for me. But little did I know that there was another.

Guys, our Pisay Meets World just blew me away. I knew it could be big, but I didn’t expect it to be that big! And you have yourselves (yes, that means you Felize Angela Mendoza) to thank for that. Whoever thought that from a school project, a celebrity would be born? Or that for a week, you guys would be the buzz of the Pinoy blogosphere? And just lately, one of you even got published!

Your batch just never ceased to amaze me! I felt that there are a lot of things I could have done better and that I don’t deserve the great things you have done. But past is passed. A lot of you know what this next school year means for me, so I hope I learned a lot of my lessons by the time I begin with ’10. Lessons you taught me.

So thank you, Batch ’09. And here’s a little something for all of you, right after the cut.

And I present…

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15 05 2007

29 May 2007Enrolment (8:00AM) and Distribution of books (PM last step of enrolment)

good pleasant GREAT NEWS!!! I called up the Registrar’s office today (05.21.2007) and I found out that we can get our books as soon as we’re done with the enrolment procedure! No need to wait till 1PM! Yay

30 May 2007Junior Orientation (1:00PM)

I got those from Ma’am Dacanay of the Bio Unit. 🙂


12 05 2007

Hey, hey! If you happen to see this after May 15, this post is of no use to you. If otherwise, read on because it’s the season for mother’s day.

Oo, it’s mother’s day on sunday. Chances are, you haven’t go anything yet prepared for Mother’s day. And like the average Pisay crammer person that you are, I’ve decided to help give some ideas that will help you through Mother’s day!

(If by some chance you’ve already got something… go away)

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Summer Food Trips (ep. 2)

29 04 2007

Here’s the second episode of Summer Food Trips…




  • Tobiâ„¢ Garlic Nuts, ground
  • Sugar
  • Baguio Beans, guisado
  • Sayote, guisado
  • Carrots, guisado
  • Chicken Breast, cut into strips
  • Pork strips
  • Lettuce
  • Lumpia wrapper

1. Put a leaf of lettuce on the wrapper
2. Mix the ground garlic nuts and the sugar.
3. Put a tablespoonful of the nut mixture on the lettuce. Scatter.
4. Mix the vegetables.
5. Put two tablespoonfuls of the vegetable mixture on the nuts.
6. Put some strips of chicken breast and pork.
7. Put a tablespoonful of the nut mixture above. Scatter.
8. Roll up the lumpia, and it’s ready to eat.

You may add or remove some ingredients, or you may also change the sequence of the directions. Only the last one must stay in place. It can never be the first =D.  I do it exactly as how I put it in the instructions part, but more people tend to put the pork and chicken before the vegetables. It’s your call anyway.


This is my favorite dish in my collection. I can actually survive 4 full days eating only this dish (tried and tested) and I just loved it so much that’s why I decided to post it here. =D

I wish you try this dish out and give some feedback by commeting. =)